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LCDLibrary aims to be a fairly easy to use "widget" or "control" toolkit for .Net applications that use a graphical LCD. Similar in idea to GUI toolkits like QT, GTK+ or the Windows GUI, LCDLibrary provides a collection of widgets that handle all of the screen drawing and events for you so you can spend your time developing you LCD application. Currently LCDLibrary only has drivers for the ezLCD "ezLCD-002" touchscreen LCD. The library is designed, though, so that support for other LCD's can be easily added in the future. For a more detailed idea on how exactly LCDLibrary works and what exactly it does, please read the documentation.
LCDLibrary News

10.4.2005 - CVS Status
I apologize for taking so long to get the source files into CVS but in organizing the source to allow for a nice, clean directory I'm having some troubles with Visual Studio 2005 beta 2 and the way it handles solution/project/source files. It keeps moving the source files around to where it wants them instead of where I want them. Once I get this fixed I'll get the files into CVS.

10.1.2005 - Preview released!
Tonight I released a preview of the current status of LCDLibrary. You can get it here or from the download section. It will only be available until there is an official release, however. I'm hoping for a beta release within the next week or so once I get the source cleaned up and get a few more widgets completed. I'm hoping to have the graph widget done early this week (as school/work allows).